Stutzman Public Affairs has guided communications and public affairs efforts for some of the highest profile officials and issue campaigns in both California and the United States. We develop messages with care and precision to connect with specific audiences and know what resonates and how best to communicate it. We’ve led Fortune 500 companies including the energy sector, health care, technology, financial services, aerospace/defense, foreign governments, non-profit organizations, national coalitions and political campaigns through complex circumstances.

We have decades of experience working in and around seats of government and understand the nature of complex legislation that can have big intended and unintended consequences on businesses and jobs. Our longtime relationships with media, stakeholders and opinion leaders allow us to anticipate what is coming and what steps are necessary to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our skills have been tested in some of California’s highest-profile initiative and candidate campaigns. We know how to win.

The strategic and boutique nature of Stutzman Public Affairs means you receive our expertise throughout a project. We are personally involved with every step. We engage directly with our clients on both strategy and implementation.