Kelly Bio


Kelly Bio

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Kelly Garman is vice president of Stutzman Public Affairs, a Sacramento based firm specializing in campaigns, communications and crisis management.

With more than 18 years of working in both the legislature and private sector, Kelly holds a concrete and multi-faceted understanding of the public affairs landscape in California. 

Prior to joining Stutzman Public Affairs, Kelly served over 5 years as the Government Affairs Director for the American Council of Engineering Companies, California (ACEC California), a trade association representing over 1,000 engineering and land surveying firms. There, she managed both the legislative advocacy and public relations arms of the organization, developing and executing complex and intricate strategy plans that tie together the organization’s policy agenda and political objectives with the promotion of the engineering and land surveying professions.

Kelly has formed a Diversity Leadership Council, lead large and robust grassroots efforts and has developed vigorous internal programs that promote and strengthen partnerships with state elected officials, public agency clients, and industry leaders. 

Kelly has helped several statewide associations navigate through sensitive legislative and regulatory matters such as contractual obligations, transportation and business issues, and with more than a decade of experience working for members in both houses of California’s Legislature, has a strong grasp of the legislative and budget process.